Lewiston Food Tasting & Historical Tour

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Child Price: $35

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"Wow in Lewiston!!!"

I enjoyed my first, but not last food tour! Never having explored this type of opportunity, I didn’t know what to expect. As a resident of suburban Buffalo, I’ve enjoyed Lewiston on numerous occasions! Overlooking the beautiful Niagara Gorge, Lewiston is a quaint town with a breathtaking view. Chris + Alicia, owners of The Roaming Table combined an informative historical tour combined with local tastings along the way! These restaurants take great pride in being unique, offering speciality dishes, and supporting local farmers with their commitment to serve local, knowing fresh is best! What I learned along the way about the role Lewiston played in the early settlement of the States was information I did not know, despite my many visits to the area….of particular note, the important role of this town and it’s citizens in leading slaves to freedom! This was a wonderful afternoon spent sampling wonderful food, meeting new people and learning amazing information along the way. Be sure to come with an appetite….not only is every bite delicious, but extremely filling! I can’t wait to introduce my friends to this unique tour! Thank you for a great day!

-- Barbara R.

My daughter took me on this tour and I didn’t know what to expect.  The guides, Chris and his wife Alicia were just amazing.  They are so upbeat and fun to be around.  I am not into history but they managed to get my full attention the whole day.  Not only did we learn so much about the history of Lewiston but ate at several wonderful restaurants.  I personally do not have any food allergies or restrictions but some people in our group did and were well accommodated.  I would definitely recommend this event to everyone.  What a great time, a great place, and great guides.  Don’t miss out!

-- Shelley R.

"Yummy, Interesting, and Fun!"

This was the first food tour we had ever taken, and we had such a great time! The food was delicious with a great variety of food and drinks to try. Learning about the history of Lewiston was fascinating and fun! It was great to walk around a beautiful town. Everything was so well organized and the tour and restaurant staff were all so knowledgeable and friendly. I would absolutely recommend this fun tour to friends and family, from WNY and beyond!

-- Ashleigh C.

"Do This Tour"

This was a great tour and an excellent way to get acquainted with Lewiston! Chris and Alicia were wonderful, knowledgeable and adorable tour guides that made us feel so welcome in their little town. Definitely recommended to anyone who loves food, drinks or history. The Roaming Table is the main reason we will be back to Lewiston one day. Thanks for a great day!

-- Julianne L.

I live about 50 minutes away within Western New York and I can’t believe that my family and I haven’t spent more time in Lewiston prior to this tour! My sisters and I gave this food tour to our dad as a Father’s Day gift, and it was a huge hit! The owners/guides are very personable and easy to talk to, and it was obvious that they both love Lewiston and had an extensive knowledge about the town. We could tell how much thought went into every detail and aspect of the tour, from the amount of food (both overall and at each tasting) to the variety of food. The amount of food and walking is perfect. No one in our group was hungry at the end, nor overly full. The history aspect was both interesting and unexpected. I personally don’t really find historical facts all that interesting most of the time, but the way these two presented and taught us about the history of Lewiston had my attention. I had no idea how rich the history was! I was also impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the thought put into the food by each of the restaurants we visited. My sister and I have dietary restrictions, she is a vegetarian, and I have an intolerance to dairy. I was pleasantly surprised when booking the tour that there was a place to indicate these restrictions. Our food tastings accommodated our individual restrictions and still tasted amazing! Not many places will do this, and it was really great to be able to trust that my food wouldn’t give me digestive upset due to hidden dairy that I couldn’t plan for in advance. My family and I all highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in visiting many local eateries, learning about Lewiston, and having a great time. I especially recommend it for anyone with food allergies or restrictions!!

-- Megan F.